LesNez Perfumes are sold online and shipped directly from Switzerland worldwide. We use the infrastructure of SWISSPOST for samples. Perfumes are sent via FedEX economy.
• To find out the shipping and handling cost early in the ordering process please choose your currency on the left side of the screen - click on "View Cart" and define your "Delivery Country"
• The goods are usually dispatched within 24 hours after the order has arrived.
In case of a delay you will be contacted by Email or phone.
• If you decide to create a CUSTOMER ACCOUNT (for easy ordering in the future) your preferences are stored in the electronic files.

For QUESTIONS about Shipping, Payments, Taxes or Return

• Email to: sales (at)
• call +41 (0) 79 207 91 04
• write to: LesNez | P.O. Box 110 | CH-5312 Doettingen (Switzerland)
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How to pay

Your payments are handled by your VISA/MASTERCARD issuer and, on our side, by PostFinance Switzerland.
• After providing your address and contact details you select your preferred payment method.
• The PostFinance server automatically creates an encrypted (SSL 128 bit) link to you and presents the payment window.
... enter your identification elements (Card-Number, Expiration-Date and Code Nr. on the back of your card)
• The data is transmitted in encrypted form.
• LesNez will not have access to critical details such as Card Number or Codes.
• The invoice with your name and address is stored, as required by Swiss law, for a period of 10 years. This is done on paper. The shopping cart system will "forget" you after a period of 60 days.
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At this time the LesNez shop accepts payments in US Dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs. (choose at the left of your screen)

Internal calculations are all in Swiss Francs. All other currencies are calculated with the help of internal exchange rates which are checked once a week. We cannot however control the exact exchange rate your credit card company will apply for your purchase
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No taxes are charged for exported goods. The tax authority of your country will decide wether a sales tax such as VAT will be charged. For small amounts this is often not the case. This issue is handled differently in every country. In the USA you may have to pay sales tax as the goods are delivered. EU countries charge the usual VAT or MwSt

See also "Attention Local Taxes" in the sidebar.


You may return perfume to LesNez within a period of 30 days after you made the purchase. Obvious damage on the outside of the package should be shown to and confirmed by the person of the services who delivers the package.

The seal inside the cardboard tube must not be broken.

Unfortunately we can not take back opened packages.
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