... performs a series of understated scent tricks and olfactory maneuvers that bypass security and sneak in through the back entrance ...

Isabelle Doyen in an interview with Denyse Beaulieu

D. While we’re on the subject: your work for Les Nez allows you to be much more experimental.

I. Exactly. It might be more for Les Nez… Not that we’re not allowed to do what we want to do for Goutal. But let’s say the work resonates differently. René is up for anything!

D. I used L’Antimatière in my course on perfumery. It’s the only one I asked the students to spray directly on their skin, first thing in the morning, because on cardboard it’s useless. Strangely, even the people who couldn’t smell it detected the effect it produced on other fragrances.

I. It’s like a pinch of salt.

D. So you could layer it with other fragrances?

I. Absolutely!
Isabelle Doyen Perfumer fpr LesNez
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